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We are some hot Texans

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Am I hot shit? [31 Oct 2006|02:34pm]
The Basics
Name: Luis Ortega.
Age and Birthday(including year): 21..... 09/07/1985.
Location in TEXAS: Born and raised in El Paso.
5 Bands: ATDI, Coheed & Cambria, Radiohead, The Mars Volta, The Postal Service....
4 Movies: Amile, Pulp Fiction, Pi, Requiem for a Dream
3 Foods: French fries, ranch, & cheese
2 Books: House of Leaves & Trainspotting
TEXAS vacation spot: Alpine, TX.
Color: blue.
Longhorn or Aggie? Longhorn
How you found this community, and if invited, who invited you? searched
Who did you promote this community too? Just opened an LJ account.... i dont really have any friends yet. I'll find some texans though..... lol

hot shit

Am I hot shit? [16 Apr 2006|11:34am]

The Basics
Name: Heather Marie Levin.
Age and Birthday(including year): 19 soon to be 20 on 08/31/1986.
Location in TEXAS: College Station.
5 Bands: Death Cab For Cutie, Efterklang, Fugazi, Eisley, and Mineral... but I could definitely go on.
4 Movies: The Big Lebowski, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original), Pulp Fiction, and The Sword & The Stone (Disney, of course).
3 Foods: Avocado, Miso soup, and pita chips.
2 Books: A Confederacy of Dunces and Off The Map.
TEXAS vacation spot: I just moved here, so I don't know of any vacation spots. Certainly not enough to have a favorite one.
Color: Green.
Longhorn or Aggie? I go to Blinn, so neither.
How you found this community, and if invited, who invited you? A search.
Who did you promote this community too? I'll make my boyfriend get a LJ and have him do it, because I honestly don't know any Texans.

I didn't know how many pictures to post, so here's a fewCollapse )
hot shit

x-posted [23 Mar 2005|05:53pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

anyone of you planning on attending??

hot shit

[14 Mar 2005|01:06am]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
hot shit

How're you all? (a dead community) [26 Sep 2004|10:33pm]
[ mood | Zoom! ]

Oh hey! Hello to you all..My TXHotShits!(smiles)I have a few minutes and wanted to wake up guys up! What's happening in this community?
Ok..hopefully someone replies?


hot shit

another promotion [11 Aug 2004|02:02am]

go join _non_ugly_

Our community is dead. =O(
hot shit

[10 Aug 2004|05:19pm]

i can post new messages, but i cannot comment on other people's.
hot shit

more people should vote in here [10 Aug 2004|04:44pm]

i don't know why... but here's a stupid, gay "scene" pic of me.

hey, can anyone notice that theres an electrocution hazard in the background?

ps: someone should talk shit about this post.
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yay [09 Aug 2004|06:33pm]

i'm not banned from this community anymore.
let the shit talking commence.

hot shit

"STAMPED" (me) [09 Aug 2004|03:02pm]
[ mood | busy - Meeting! ]

Although I have joined a little late, and some of the peoples applications and/or votes have ALREADY been STAMPED.. YES & NO.. Still, I've pretty much caught up, but I'll return later to vote for the rest.. because I have a meeting with my MOM at the office.. and I have to get goin. So... bye.

Thanx~ Guys!

**TexasHOTSh!T!** YEP. ;)

hot shit

hey guys [09 Aug 2004|11:39am]

[ mood | good ]

join this

hot shit

Hurray! [09 Aug 2004|12:43am]
[ mood | touched ]

Yay, I was accepted by Jordy, and now I wait to be stamped! :)

Thank yoooou!

hot shit

OooOOps! [07 Aug 2004|01:34pm]
[ mood | Still Curious... ]

Hahahahaha. See, my friend, Tatum, is sooooo slow on getting dressed to ONLY go to a Mall. And I am like sitting here "frustrated" simply, waiting, and BC.. I dislike tardiness! Grrrr. Anyway..not only that I am bored as hell<-- but that I misspelled, "Accepted!" Cuz.. I am antsy now! Yeah, so.. to make a looong story short. I dont deserve to be in your club, BC I cant spell! Phewy! J/k Yeah.. SO... ACCEPTED, AM I?? (dont get pissed on my double entry.. bc it seems dead here and i just wanna liven your space) Tootles! ;)


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Excepted? (Marilyn Monroe) [07 Aug 2004|01:19pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Heya, heya. Tis I, Jeanie and I am not whining or anything.. but was I excepted? I see a "yes" from the big cheese! :D Sooooo, which means that I probbie am, excepted?? Anyway.. if I get a "yes" reply from someone.. I will stamp myself.. ACCEPTED.. OOoOO OOooOO and can I have a Marilyn Monroe Stamp??? My good friend Jeremy Hunter loves Marilyn Monroe.. plus.. I want to vote for the hot stuff that's asking for exceptence..YES will be my humbly answer! :)

Thanx in Advance... mMMmbye.

hot shit

[04 Aug 2004|12:34am]

join join join

hot shit

application [29 Jul 2004|02:18am]

he Application
The Basics
Name: Markis Robert
Age and Birthday(including year): 27- 10/26/76
Location in TEXAS; Dallas, y0
5 Emcees: Gift of Gab, AL, Mos Def, Eyedea, J-Live.
4 Movies: Scratch, Braveheart, WildStyle
3 Foods: Pierogies, Spaghetti, Punschki balls
2 Books: Quantum Gravity- Lee smolin, Said The Shitgun To The Head- Saul Williams
TEXAS vacation spot: Barton Springs- Austin, Inks Lake
Color: Blue
Other - I love this community!
Longhorn or Aggie? UT Grad- Hook 'em Horns!
How you found this community, and if invited, who invited you? LJ Browsing
Who did you promote this community too? so far just a few friends from TX

Read more...Collapse )
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[20 Jul 2004|11:14pm]

I am going to have to leave the community, since I am now breaking one of the rules.
I no longer live in Texas. :/
If you must take me out of the community, then so be it.
If not, I would love to stay. :)
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AM I HOT SHIT?? [20 Jul 2004|07:43pm]

Name: Kimber
Age & Birthday: 21 November 9, 1982
Location in TEXAS: Grapevine
Bands: The Cure
Our Lady Peace
The Clash
Violent Femmes
Movies: Empire Records
Let the Girls Play
A League of Thier own
Foods: Stir Fry
Cold Lasagna
Anything Mexican
Books: Unexplained Letters
Another Day is Near
Vacation Spot: Downtown Dallas Swanky Hotel
Color: Red!!!!!
Longhorn or Aggie?? Aggie
How you found this community: I was searching under Dallas communities...



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Am I Hot Shit? [16 Jul 2004|12:06am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

The Application
The Basics
Name: Jeanie Alissa
Age and Birthday(including year): (22) 04-04-82
Location in TEXAS; Houston
5 Bands: The All - American Rejects, Incubus, (the reason) Matchbox Twenty, DMX, Red Hot Chili Peppers.
4 Movies: The Matrix, The Wedding Singer, (love all drew barrymoore films) My Bestfriends Wedding, Cruel Intentions.
3 Foods: Sushi, (all!) Seafood, (lobster) Chinese. (eggroll)
2 Books: Danielle Steel, Some Steamy Novel I forgot the name of. <- trust me.. it was a good book. (sorry, just bein honest)
TEXAS vacation spot: Austin
Color: Red
Other - I love this community!
Longhorn or Aggie? Aggs.. all the way, baby!
How you found this community, and if invited, who invited you? Reading other members' Journals.
Who did you promote this community too? My Bestfriend - Tatum~

The Pictures...Collapse )

Thanx Jordy & to those of you that voted: YES

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new photos. [06 Jul 2004|09:20pm]

new pictures (look the same)Collapse )
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